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4 Great Reasons for Choosing Us

“The Deep Cleaning Specialists”

1. The presence of the OWNER of the business at every cleaning. This is a fundamental difference. Nobody can take better care of the image and prestige of a company than the actual owner. A Spanish folk idiom says, “The owner’s eye fattens the horse.” This fact guarantees the highest level of satisfaction for the customer.


2. We are not subjected to a period of time. When our team goes to complete a cleaning job, we have a time estimate of what the job should require, but we do not quit working when this time is reached, but rather when the job is completed as agreed to in the client’s contract. This is something that the big agencies cannot do because it is contrary to their system.


3. The advantage of our prices. It is obvious that a big business cannot compete with our prices. To begin with, their prices must include the value of their branding, marketing, the cost of administrative personnel, and a long list of costs associated with running a large-scale, sophisticated organization. But all of this must come from THE CUSTOMER’S POCKET, doesn’t it?


4. Our signature service: “The extra mile.” JCS takes into account certain cleaning details that other companies do not bother to notice. Really, some of these are our “professional secrets.” “Press button for example:” When cleaning window sills, who bothers to clean in the hidden corners of the window frame? Most cleaners ignore this area because it is difficult to clean. What happens is that they lack the real initiative to do a job completely and thoroughly. For this detail, we use a small towel and a spatula. Simple isn’t it? But effective! (see photo)​


Forming an angle with a spatula and a rag… 


you can easily remove 100% the corner’s dirt!


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*Home Advisors, BBB, T of the T

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