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“The Deep Cleaning Specialists”

“Our estimate process is based on years of experience in this business. People often call for a price quote based on number of rooms, square footage, or by the hour. This is not the way we do it, and the reason is simple: Our goal is cleaning the house deeply, and two houses of the same size or with the same number of rooms may require different time and effort to reach our goal.


Some people give a price without prior inspection by calculating a number of hours that can take a superficial and fast work that adjusts to their time. They do not care about attention to detail or that the client is left with the desire to call them again. They just do not work thinking on the long term.”

Our estimate is delivered only after a FREE visual inspection of the site to be cleaned and 
after having listened and discussed all the details desired by the client. The appointment 
for a quote is an excellent opportunity to offer professional and experienced advice 
and find the best option for the client.



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*Home Advisors, BBB, T of the T

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