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"Getaway to the Caribbean"

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On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 6:53 PM, Bruce <> wrote:

Hi Fred & Angie,


Sorry we haven’t responded sooner… we didn’t get in until very late Sunday so sort of been running all week.


The cruise was phenomenal!  We had a great time and really enjoyed no phones and just relaxing.  Here’s answers to your questions:


1)   It was amazing!  It’s fun to think that there are about 4100 guests and approximately 1500 workers on the ship.  It sure doesn’t feel like that many people.  The ships have changed a lot since we cruised last – there’s more shops, restaurants and bars on board.  Lots of great shows in the afternoons and evenings.  There’s literally stuff you can do until about 2am if you want.

2)      We enjoyed the two days at sea probably the most.  It’s fun to look out and it is just open seas with no land in sight.  And there’s lots of activities to do those days. Or you can do nothing at all and just lay by the pool. Definitely relaxing.

3)      The service on the ship is impeccable.  The crew are there to get you anything you want and are so polite. Their airlines are what they are – the seats are getting smaller and smaller and they pack every plane to full capacity. All of them are that way but it gets you to where you need to go!  The people at SW Airlines in Ft Lauderdale were great with helping find us other flights when the Denver airport was closed due to weather. 

4)      Absolutely we would recommend other JCS clients to enter the drawing for a cruise – it was an absolute wonderful prize to win!

5)      We want to THANK YOU Fred & Angie for the trip – that was above and beyond anything we would have ever thought possible.  You are just the best!  And coming to the airport to see us off was so appreciated.  I hope you’re feeling better Fred.

 Thank you again – we sure enjoyed the trip.  We have more pictures we will email also.


Bruce & Patty

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