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“The Deep Cleaning Specialists”

1.*Will JCS remind me ahead of time about the date of the next visit?
Yes, normally we send reminders by email or phone 24-48 hours before an event.

2.*Can I change the time or date when I need to?
This is always allowable with at least 48 hours’ notice. When short notice is given or there’s no notice at all, there may be a fee if we are not able to re-schedule the team.

3.*How do I need to pay for the service?
Payment must be received by the day of service. Normally the residential client leaves a check on the kitchen counter. Payment conditions with Commercial clients are negotiable. We accept cash, checks and money orders; no credit cards, please.

4.*Who will be in charge of the cleaning?
One of the owners or associates will always be present with his/her helpers. The personnel are selected, trained, and supervised rigorously and JCS guarantees the quality and professionalism of our work. We do whatever possible to send the same personnel to your home or business, but we aren’t always able to accomplish this for obvious reasons.

5.*Do I have any responsibility for worker’s compensation, employment taxes, or insurance?
Absolutely none. JCS is in charge of all of these responsibilities.

6.*Does someone need to be home to let the cleaning team inside?
Not necessarily. The client can leave a copy of the key, the garage or the security system’s code. Both are closely guarded and managed exclusively by the owners of JCS. The client can also leave a key in a previously established hiding place known to both parties.

7.*What happens if damage occurs during the cleaning?
JCS will repair or replace the damaged property. If the case warrants, we will make a claim on our insurance. (Currently “Farmer’s Insurance Co.” for up to $1’000,000.00) . We’re also Bonded for up to $25,000.00 , same Insurance Company.

8.*Will JCS use their own cleaning equipment and supplies?
Yes, we bring our own equipment and supplies. However, the client can supply a certain product if they like. We do prefer to use the client’s vacuum cleaner when possible to prevent bringing contamination from other places, and a 12’ or taller ladder when necessary.

9.*What should I do about my pets in the house?
Clients must secure their animals in a safe area away from our staff. Most of our team members are pet friendly; however aggressive or permanently noisy animals must be locked away.

10.* Is there any kind of waste that JCS cleaning team will decline picking up or remove?
Yes, animal or human feces, bloody waste and any disgusting or unhealthy waste that can compromise its health, unless in a proper waste basket.

11.*What happens if a room is messy?
The room cannot be cleaned in this case in order to allow the team to complete the rest of the job on time. For this reason , the client must make sure, the day before the cleaning, that the house is a CLUTTER-FREE environment.

12.*Can I ask the cleaning staff to move heavy furniture?
The terms of the insurance contract and the labor laws prohibit cleaning personnel from moving heavy objects or climbing tall ladders to reach high elevations like 2nd floor window cleaning.

13.*What should I do with my security alarm system?
The client should turn off the system before our team arrives to avoid unnecessary difficulties and lost time.

14.*What happens if the team cannot complete the cleaning job for a reason caused by the client?
If JCS arrives the client’s place on an agreed scheduled date to perform its service and the task cannot be performed due to any reason on the client’s responsibility (Client not at home, no key left, client changed its mind at that moment, etc.), a Lockout Fee equal to 25% of the agreed service price will be assessed on the client’s behalf.

15.* Can I expect the scheduled time for any service be rigorously exact?
No, that’s only an estimated time of arrival that depends on several previous events out of our team’s control, like unexpected increase of work, heavy traffic, a cancelation, etc. A 30 min. -/+ allowance should be considered. However a phone call notification will anticipate a longer delay/advance in the arrival time.

16.*Is it possible that the rate could change during a cleaning maintenance contract?
-Yes, the rate can increase, temporarily or permanently, in the case of more furniture, additional rooms, an increased number of residents or pets, the seasonal opening of windows, repairs or improvements to the property, or any change that causes a temporary or permanent increase in the time or effort required for cleanup. Likewise, JCS may decide to decrease the established fee if any changes occur that reduce the amount of working time or effort required, or simply to compensate the customer for their efforts to maintain the home in the best condition possible. In any case, the client will be notified first and the change will only be finalized when all parties agree.

17.*Cannot find your question?
Please send us an email with your question at or call us at (208) 321-4595.


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